In this game there’s a concept called AOE (Area Of Effect) for each unit.

I’m pretty sure most of the users would have assumed that in Browndust AOE is applied simultaneously. However, this is not the case if you looked closely. I will first give you the Appendix for the AOE and its Effect Order then elaborate why this matters.

AOE Effect Order Appendix

(Additional) Information Note that some of the AOE cannot be fully utilized to test thoroughly (e.g. Diagonal Moving Forward edge 2 order), so some of them are assumed.

Horizontal Forward AOE

Horizontal Backward AOE

Vertical AOE

Diagonal AOE

There is no Distance 2 Diagonal AOE unit (yet)

Diagonal Moving Forward AOE

Cross AOE

Square AOE

Why does it matter?

Note that I used one of the Campaign Mode and flipped the images (so it may look a bit weird), so it’s directly applicable to the Appendix that is listed above.

The enemy unit has a + (i.e. Cross AOE with Distance = 1) with Freeze and without Immunity. Depending on where Gloria is placed, results are different (be wary that Gloria’s PERM Skill Shield is applied after normal attack, so things that are activated before normal will go through (e.g. Deomaron’s Decomposition)).

See how depending on Gloria’s location, the Freeze effect from enemy is different? There are numerous ways to utilize this mechanics to your advantage (especially in Guild War). If you are unsure, the best way is to test it out in UA with your fellow friends. If you still are confused with interaction I suppose you can leave a comment in which I’ll check it out :^)