Many new users will most likely be farming/mining runes from 9th floor for a mono rune, but as users cumulate mono runes and become experienced with time, they start to look toward getting useful dual runes. However, depending on the main type of rune, there are combinations that doesn’t exist. This is a short post to inform the user.

Basic Structure of Dual Runes

Unlike mono runes, dual runes have main and sub category. If you are not sure about what bonus is possible, it is elaborate it after the combination tables. I feel the picture is sums it up quite nicely, so I will move on to combination tables.

Possible Dual Rune Combinations

Main Sub
Flat Assault % Vital
% Assault Fatal
% Assault Rage
Flat Assault Shield

Main Sub
Flat Vital % Assault
Flat Vital Fatal
% Vital Rage
% Vital Shield

Main Sub
Fatal Flat Assault
Fatal % Vital
Fatal Rage
Fatal Shield

Main Sub
Rage Flat Assault
Rage % Assault
Rage Flat Vital
Rage Fatal

Main Sub
Shield % Assault
Shield Flat Vital
Shield % Vital
Shield Fatal

Bonus Options

One easy way to understand this is to think sub as bonus because it does not affect what can be possible in bonus. If you are experienced user, you will probably get this by now, but for new players I will give an example. Consider that you have a mono + type Flat Assault Rune (i.e. 6★ rare+, 6★ epic+, etc.). It is possible for this rune to have any type of bonus except for Flat Assault (note that % Assault is possible).

Recommendation for 9th and 12th Floor Rune Farming/mining

If you have looked closely at the table you’ve probably notice some of the duals are quite useless on general cases (i.e. shield + flat vital). So my recommendation is that you should go to 12th floor for Assault and Rage (50% chance to get a useful dual types), and for others you should go 9th floor, since it’s better to try for mono runes since you only have 25% chance to get a useful dual type runes. This is only for general cases, if you have specific rune that you would like to obtain, the chance of obtaining “useful dual type” will be different.

However, you have to note that 12th floor gives you a lot more runes than 9th floor. So if you consistently buy horseshoes with diamonds, I suggest you go for only 12th floor.