This post will mainly be in 2 parts.

  1. Raid Value (Easy, Normal, Hard)
  2. Required Materials for Upgrading SG

The global currency will be set as gold, but I will use other currency to give the readers a more cohesive understanding.

(2020 Update) The Soul Gear values were slightly altered (in a good way), but it is not so far off when leveling a Soul Gear from Lv 1 to Lv 10. I’m going to leave this as it is since it is still a good reference.

Raid Value

Easy (Successful Clear)

Normal (Successful Clear)

Hard (Successful Clear)

Basic Analysis

Since everyday you gain 4 chances, basically each day for clearing each Raid Difficulty are as follows

If you see the % increase of Gold you get from going up a difficulty, it is Easy → Normal (300% increase) and Normal → Hard (67.77% increase). It is easy to understand that doing a Easy raid is super inefficient. Some may think that because the increase from Normal to Hard isn’t that big, maybe it’s okay to keep doing Normal, but you here are some additional information you should know.

Many users farm gold through the Friday, Saturday, Sunday gold dungeons, so I’m going to adjust the total gold value for raid in a full week.

If you have experienced autoing Gold Dungeons, 4.48m Gold takes roughly about 4~5 Hours (for 7 turns). Now, since autoing gold dungeons isn’t particularly costly but HS (Horse Shoe) is. It translates to roughly about 2.5k HS, which is almost a full 4 days of HS saving in mailbox.

Conclusion (tl;dr) You lose more than 4.48m Gold (resources and opportunity costs) per week by not doing Hard raids. If you aren’t able to solo Hard, be very active to find a Raid party that can successfully clear Hard

Required Materials for Upgrading SG

Some Assumptions (these numbers are NOT OFFICIAL)

Do note that these numbers are based on expected value. Depending on your luck it may cost more or less :^). Since most of the grunt work is already done in these numbers, I’m sure other values like How many days of NORMAL Raids value can be easily derived from the information I’ve given in this post.

혼자사는호랑이 (KR User)’s data were referenced for this section