I play this mobile game called Browndust, a SRPG (Strategic Role Playing Game). Currently there are 6 servers : Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Asia, Europe and Global. I play in the Korea & Asia server. For most of Browndust related post, I will be referring to Korea which is few patches ahead of other regions. I will be making posts related strategies, unit reviews, formations, and etc. However, I generally do not enjoy making posts that are ephemeral (e.g. tier list).

If you are interested in my regular arena placements here are the particulars

KR Server Deck Type Granhildr Support Variation Formation (Used to use 2 Row Formation Variation, but switched to Granhildr deck on July 2018)

KR Server 2018 ~ 2019

IGN Baloo (no longer active)

Iā€™m no longer active in KR.

Asia Server Deck Type 2 ~ 3 Row Power Variations (I switch up accordingly)

Asia Server 2019 ~ Onwards

IGN Baroo



(Archived as they are no longer anywhere useful)